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heavy duty truck parts

Chris Seiwert

Chris brings experience at all levels of the heavy duty parts distribution industry. Sales, marketing, manufacturing, corporate management – there’s nothing Chris hasn’t been a part of in the industry. With more than 37 years of experience, Chris has served as President and CEO, all the way back to being a shipping and receiving clerk. He has managed people across multiple locations, and even been a manufacturer’s representative. Chris has also served as a board member for several regional companies. This lengthy and diverse experience has helped him understand the needs of his customers and manufacturers, giving both the value of his knowledge in business from the boardroom to the showroom. His favorite part of the business is getting to work with the people – his industry friends and family for whom he is extremely grateful. Even when he’s not working, you can find him with one of the team’s outside salesmen or customers, training them and their sales staff how to sell their products, or holding technical training classes for manufacturers.

“Stop searching for someone else’s idea of success. Only you can define what success means for you!”

Chris Seiwert