Heavy Duty Truck, Truck Equipment and Industrial Experts

Heavy Duty Truck, Truck Equipment and Industrial Experts

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Premiere Manufacturer’s Representatives

Mink is a manufacturer’s representative organization serving Missouri, Iowa, Nebraska, Kansas and Illinois primarily in the heavy duty truck, trailer and truck equipment markets.  Our manufacturers choose to work with us because we have worked in every aspect of their business and demonstrate an unmatched level of professionalism while representing their brands.


Our Customers work with us because we spend the time to learn how their business works and tailor solutions to help them improve quality and increase efficiency, in turn increasing profits.  We focus on our relationships with our Manufacturer and Customer Partners, not to mention our ultimate customer, the end user!  We understand our success is solely dependent upon that of our Partners.

Work With Us And Enjoy The PERKs

MINK Heavy Duty has grown to become the premier manufacturer’s representatives group in our markets today. Our team prides itself on delivering the very best service with all the PERKs – professionalism, experience, relationship-rich connections, and knowledge. Learn what this means to our team and how it can help you grow your business: Read About the PERKS